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E-bikes, home and patio decor, accessories and more!


Please give us inquiries to help you out and feedback on our blogs. We are a small North American female driven company and monitor and respond personally. Please allow at least 2-3 business days for a response.


Every item we sell has been selected to align with the philosophy of wellness, health and lifestyle.

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We keep out prices lower taking less of a profit so we can provide items like e-bikes and decor to medium budgets.

Why Choose Us?

We started this company to provide a platform to promote our personally curated art including creative writing (blogs) and also an opportunity to have a store front and sell items we believe will bring joy and wellness to our customers. Not only do we have the great prices, we have a community who loves lifestyle and wellness – and to help others!

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We just want to help you get more joy in your home.